Also known as Amy, but the majority of the time it's 'Mammy'. I'm Mammy to my little munchkin Oskar (born Oct '10) a little diva, Erika (born Mar '13) two cats; Sid and Nancy and three fishies. I'm partial to a spot of leopard print, Hello Kitty and anything cat related. I love the sea and want to live right by it one day. Rock and Roll is my music of choice, and I enjoy a glass of wine, or three. Taking photographs and eating cheese and olives are also very important.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Crick-cricks Time 2012

The day before Christmas Eve Oskar mastered the potty! He was taking his toy story pants down and sitting on the potty when he needed to go! Then Christmas happened and it's all gone a bit downhill. On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Grandpa's in pants and trousers, we must have been there 10 minutes and he got over excited about the chocolate coins and weed himself, so I put a nappy on him and he's still in them now - the day after Boxing Day, but we'll get there! He's so close!
I think Oskar was a bit bewildered by the whole Christmas thing, we went to Shaun's dad's house Christmas Day and Oskar didn't say a word, he spent the day being a cat and meowing, and refusing to open any presents, it's a good job Mammy likes to open them!
Erika is growing by the second, and he kicks are feeling bigger and bigger, I love this stage of pregnancy! No one can believe I'm 6 months pregnant already, it's gone so quick!
It's New Years soon and I'm gonna set some resolutions this year (and stick to them!) but I'll get back to you with those..

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