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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Growing a human is stressful!

Today was my 32 week scan! The sole purpose of the scan was to check to see whether the placenta had moved away from my cervix but I came away with more issues than I'd bargained for. I was more keen to know whether baby had grown a winky or not, because, I'd had the same placenta issue with Oskar so I was confident that it would have moved - and it has! So I'm all set for a normal birth - fingers crossed!
Another thing which was crossed was baby's legs, so I still have a teeny tiny bit of me thinking she could be a he, even though I've seen with my own eyes on the last scan that she has a foo-foo, I think it's just my pregnant brain getting carried away!
Anyway, that should be the least of my worries, as firstly, they told me I don't have enough amniotic fluid around the baby which is probably why it's painful when she kicks me. They checked that baby was (practice) breathing properly; which she was, and checked that her stomach, bladder and kidneys were all passing fluid, which they all were. So they're happy that the baby is doing well in there. They want to keep an eye on things, so I have another scan in 4 weeks when I'll be 36 weeks. Hopefully by then the amniotic fluid will have increased, otherwise I'll probably have to have her early.
Secondly, I have high blood pressure, which I think is one of my biggest worries. The past few times it's been taken it has been 95/50, 100/52 and 101/51. Now it has shot up to 140/82. They said I have to go get my blood pressure checked every week to keep a close eye on it.
Other than that baby seems to be doing fine, she looks just like Oskar, and from her measurements they worked out she's weighing around 3lb 12oz at the moment. On the plus side I get to see her again in 4 weeks time!

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