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Friday, 1 February 2013


Oskar has now been fully potty trained for about a week! Which means I have 10 nappy-free weeks until Erika arrives! (Yay!) He still wears a pull-up on a night - just in case, but he wakes up dry and as soon as he wakes up he tells me 'have a wee wee' so we get up and have a wee on the potty! Grandma has got him using the big toilet at her house which is great because when we go out he can just use the public toilets, he's getting so much better at it and has even learned to push his own winky down so he doesn't have a fountain on the floor!

Tonight has been the ultimate test for him, and for me as he's had diarrhoea so has needed to go a lot. I had to tell him not to use the potty anymore because I was tired of cleaning it every 5 minutes (believe me it's not easy when the contents aren't solid!) so I've told him to tell me when he needs to poo and we'll go on the big toilet! He's done great and had no accidents (yet) although he's been on the toilet about 8 times having what he calls a 'wee poo'.

We're now lying in bed watching 'Mungebob' and I've said he can stay in our bed in case he needs to wake me up so he can use the toilet. Now that he's potty trained he gets very upset and worried if he does something in his pants or pull-up, so I know he'd be really upset if he pooed himself in the night!

He's going to be mortified reading this when he's older! Haha!

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